Would anyone recommend / connect me with some Customer Success Consulting Services ?

Hi GGR Community!

We are about to go through very high growth. We have plans to build out our Customer Success leadership team over the next 6 months but until then we really need some immediate support, operationally and strategically.

We need support in these two main areas:

  1. Building out our Customer Journey maps
  2. Building out our Customer Health Scores
  3. Sourcing a suitable Customer Success platform

Aware that these 3 objectives have multiple inputs, but the overall outcome we want to work towards is a Series of Customer Success playbooks across our various Segments.

I wondered if anyone has strong recommendations of Customer Success consultancy services that could help cover our short term operational gaps?

Also, are there any strong reasons why you would not recommend pursuing external support to built out these foundations?

Many thanks,


  • Katherine.schram
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    Have you heard of “winning by design”? They are expensive, but do a fantastic job at this. Also look into CSM Practice. That said, not having a CS leader at the helm would be like investing all these resources in building a ship with no captain to commandeer the vessel. There are plenty of CS leaders out there who should be able to bring this expertise to your organization and provide some of this initial support, and in my opinion it would be a better investment in the long term to do just that. Let me know if you’d like to discuss further, as I just helped an organization do all of the above, and I’m #opentowork!

  • Marley Wagner
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    Hi Luke! Seems right in our wheelhouse at ESG! More than happy to chat about our service offerings or connect you directly with our sales team. esgsuccess.com

  • Jennifer Scheib
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    Hi Luke! I've heard great things about Growth Molecules.

    Customer Success Consulting — Growth Molecules

  • Jeffrey Kushmerek
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    Hi Luke,

    I sent you a note. Happy to chat about what we are doing at Infinite Renewals. We cover all post-sale departments for scaling.



  • Doug Havlik
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    Our team used Winning by Design including playbook design. Our CCO hired them. I recommend them.