Forrester Summit - Anyone else Attending?

Hi GGR Community!

I was curious to know if anyone in our community is attending the Forrester Summit event next week in Austin Texas? I would love to find some time to connect during the week in hopes of putting some faces to names in this community!

Are there any sessions that you are most excited about from a CS perspective?

My organization is hosted a couple events including an awesome sunset boat cruise on Monday! Let me know if you would be interested, we have spots available and would love to see you in person!


  • Shari Srebnick
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    Hi @Chandler Packard ! Guess what - I work for Forrester now and I will be at Summit! Since I just started 2 months ago I won't be speaking, but I will be floating around and hosting some of the sessions. I'll also be at the networking Monday night and the big event on Tuesday. We should definitely find time to meet up in person!

    Here's my email: [email protected]