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Hi All-

I’ve been in a CS focused role for 14 years (3 of those as a VP of CS) of my almost 19 years in the workforce - I took a sabbatical in 2018 and switched to an Agile consultancy role since I came back in early 2019.  I’ve found, since I’ve been back at work, that the drive to be a partner to clients in a focused CS role still excites me when I think about my time in those 14 years.

As I re-engage in my search for a new CS role - I’d like to be a bit vulnerable and ask this board if there would be anyone who might take a look at my resume from a CS insider’s perspective on a couple questions below:

  • Searching for a Director of CS or above - am I missing any specific markers that companies like to see?
  • Resume format - any directions on format to get through the ATS systems?  I’ve looked up paid and free ATS review systems, but they seem very generic in the results. After using one a recruiter told me I still had to re-format for his preferred system, but never heard back from him.

Please reach out to me via private message if you’re open to assisting.  Rest assured this is a legitimate request and not a shortcut to campaigning for a role in your specific company.

@Moderator - if this is an incorrect placement or request, feel free to remove as I wish to maintain the usefulness of this board.