How to lead a Community Discussion Panel Advice Request

I have been put in charge of setting up a discussion panel that will occur at an upcoming expo and in need of advice. This will be my first one

My idea so far is to host a panel of our customers who are advocates of the product and academic field experts. I understand the sales value is to create hype around the product but I also think it is important to collect good info for the service and product teams.

Any advice on how to run it, what should my goals be...etc



  • Jeff Breunsbach
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    @Omran Al-Sharif I think your initial idea is on the right path.

    Here's how I would look at it:

    • You don't need to be talking about your product (all of the time)... you want to make sure the audience knows that you know them (the role, the challenges, the opportunities, etc.)
    • Focus your questions on how the customers are getting things done - your product will naturally make its way into the conversation
    • Panels are hard to drive "engagement" and keep people interested (especially on the panel itself) - so see how you could create a discussion amongst the panelists without you as well

    I think a great goal would be: to turn this panel content into thought leadership... blogs, short videos, social, templates, etc.

    Just remember - "Be the DJ, not the talent"

  • Omran Al-Sharif
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    Thanks @Jeff Breunsbach Are there better options than running a panel in a live setting?