Account Health Review Agenda: Samples willing to share?

Hi there!

I'm helping a national computer science education non-profit stand up their client success management function and we're working toward developing success metrics and account indicators. In the meantime, I'm developing an informal account health review meeting structure to get ppl used to this kind of thinking and structure -- anyone have examples they are willing to share from very early client success management efforts?


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    Hey Margaret,

    As a starting point my basic agenda to introduce this meeting to clients without overwhelming would be:

    1. Overview of day-to-day usage and engagement
    • Are there any specific users with lower utilisation - is this expected, or is that user i need of training etc
    • Sticky feature utilisation - again, identifying any training ops or insights into why they are not using
    • Are they using support/training materials, if not could this be a risk? Ask the question, and make sure they know what support and resources are available.
    • Types of questions being asked since last review /set time period - again, identifying training r expansion opportunities
    • NPS / Feedback score - if you have these, gives an insight into how they are feeling, are there particular users giving lower feedback than others

    2 Product releases/roadmap

    • make sure they know what you've released in last quarter (or duration since last meeting), especially if they're not using it, get feedback
    • Share upcoming roadmap plans, particularly around features you think will be of benefit to them and why

    3 Contract/Expansion/Goals

    • are they on the best contract, i.e. have they grown since coming on board and could you tie them into a longer contract with good rates etc
    • Expansion plans
    • Company goals and how you fit in

    Hope that helps as a starting point!