Customer Success without the Customer Success Concern

How to bring up a concern about the implementation of CS by a group who do not have CS titles in previous roles with executive leadership?


  • Amanda Flurry
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    Hi @Omran Al-Sharif,

    This sounds like a loaded question! The comment that the group with the concerns don't have CS titles in previous roles stands out to me. CS is an emerging field and so I encourage you not to feel as if you need those titles for credibility with your leadership team. You and your colleagues undoubtedly have translatable skills from your past experiences. You are also clearly active in communities such as this to help refine those skills in the CS space!

    Without knowing more about the context of the concerns you need to raise, here are some principles I'd keep in mind as you surface concerns:

    1. Align with executive leadership - You, your colleagues, and executive leadership all have the same goal: a successful company. Keep that in mind as you broach this topic, and be sure to find those common connection points. For example, "We can agree that X is an important factor in customer retention."
    2. Pair your concern with a solution - It's easy to identify problems. Being able to propose a solution is essential.
    3. Ask questions - Take the time to understand the viewpoint of executive leadership and ask questions to dig into the "why" of their decisions.

    I hope this helps! I'm happy to chat in more detail if you'd like.

  • Omran Al-Sharif
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    Hi @Amanda Flurry , I was having a hard time seeing Customer Sucess being applied based on Customer Success goals, visions, and standards accepted by the Customer Success community. I have taken your advice and I am not happy to say that my concerns are real but temporary as there is a roadmap to get to where we need to get to. Thank you