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JOB TITLE: Customer Success Manager

LOCATION: Remote (US timezones)

JOB DESCRIPTION: We are looking for the first Customer Success Manager to join our growing Customer Success team. You will work closely with our Head of Customer Success and Support Engineer. A majority of your time will be focused on communicating with PopSQL’s paying customers. Your main focus will be on our Enterprise and Business customers and you’ll be asked to use what you learn from those conversations to create automated messaging for low touch paying customers and trials.

In working with customers you’ll be tasked with building relationships, helping customers use PopSQL to its fullest potential, and gathering feedback for our product team. As we release new features you’ll work with the product team to define how they fit into PopSQL best practice and which customers would be our best early adopters.

In addition to your core responsibilities as a customer success manager, you’ll be working with the rest of the customer success team to build a foundation we can build on as PopSQL scales. That includes email templates and sequences, improving customer reporting in our own PopSQL organization, and creating resources for future CSMs to use. We are still defining and improving core processes like business reviews, new user training, churn prevention, expansion opportunities, and renewals. You will play a key role in creating the culture and priorities of the customer success team.

JOB RELATIONSHIP TO YOU: This CSM will report directly to me. I was the first employee and VP of Customer Success at Segment for 3 years. I've also spent many years as a data consultant so I've enjoyed having consultative conversations with PopSQL's customers about the data tools and process they use. Those conversations have been extremely valuable and this CSM will continue to build relationships with our customer base and onboard new customers.

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN US: This will be our first CSM hire so you will have a ton of impact on the CSM role and direct influence on the product. We have a fully remote team of ~25, a solid foundation of current customers and revenue, a product that many people enjoy using that is getting better every week, and multiple years of runway in the bank.

ABOUT OUR COMPANY: Every company wants to use data to make informed decisions, and SQL is the lingua franca for data. However, data collaboration is broken. People are rewriting each other's queries, switching apps to visualize their data, and copying/pasting SQL into Slack.

PopSQL solves this by creating a beautiful, fun way to write SQL, visualize data, and share results. The product is loved by data teams from over 2,000 companies including Vroom, Shipt, Redfin, and Udacity. What we've built so far is just the beginning. Join us and build a great product, a great culture, and a great company 🚀