Why customers need to work with CSMs?

Hello everyone, I’m after some key points  as to why customers need to work with CSMs. I see a lot of information on why companies need a CS department but never enough on why should customers work with us. How do you sell CSM to your customers?


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    "My role is to maximize your success and satisfaction--I won't rest until that happens, and hold me accountable for it. I will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be by orchestrating our internal resources and providing expert guidance along the way. Working together we will meet your goals and do it much faster and easier than working alone." 

    I like to use the analogy of a professional golf caddy: we walk the course together, I carry your clubs to lighten your load, I keep an eye on the course conditions and leader board, I watch how you're playing and what adjustments you should make, I hand you the right club at the right time, and I recommend how to play the shot. My entire goal is to help you, my golf pro, win the tournament.
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    That's a great analogy, I just wished I played golf and make this sound genuine coming from me also :smile:
    Do you see more customers wanting to work with CS professionals?
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    Great question @saadwaqar!

    I would answer this question with a strategy of selling a product or solution. Ask these questions to begin with:
    1. Would our customers get more value if they have a CSM? 
    2. How CSM can make their life easy?
    3. Are they looking for a partner on which they can rely for their success?
    4. What will be your CSM responsible for if the customer chooses to have them as partners?
    5. Do they want an advocate who can support their needs?
    Answer these questions and you will be more clear to explain why they require a CSM.

    If they've a CSM who is watching over their account then they can expect proactive solutions, resolving challenges, and providing strategies to grow their business. 

    You can also explain the basic goals of a CSM for example:
    1. Empowering customers by sharing best practices catered to their goals
    2. Shortening the onboarding process and driving product adoption
    3. Identifying growth opportunities at an appropriate time to maximize their value.
    Lastly, you can also prepare some case studies of your most successful clients and the impact of having a CSM on their success.

    Hope this would be helpful! 

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