Insight & Advice Needed: Centralizing Customer Communications

Hello there, 

We recently went through an acquisition and some technology migration and are looking to do an audit and revamp of our communications to make sure everything is centralized, approved, is sending through the most appropriate platform, and has the correct tone.

Has anyone done anything like this before? I've started to create an excel doc that outlines the Comm Type, Trigger, Category, Phase of Journey, Channel, Data Input, and DRIs but am feeling a bit over my head and am looking for advice from anyone that has tried to do a high-level breakdown oh what comms go to customers, from where, and from whom?


  • CSStrategist
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    Hi Meg - I've done some things in this area in the past and can spend a few minutes bouncing around some ideas - you can reach out to me directly if you'd like.
  • Anna Alley
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    I haven't done quite as robust a project as you're undertaking, but I think you're approaching it the right way. Unfortunately it's just going to take time to categorize everything. Maybe think about how you plan to consolidate/evaluate and ensure you're proactively grouping things that way to start to make it easier at the end (i.e. is it better to group by platform, by purpose, by audience, etc.). 
  • Brian O'Keeffe
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    I established a monthly communications review and calendar. Each month we meet and review the calendar for the next month and it's where we identify duplication, messages that conflict or are off brand.