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Hi All,

Does anyone use a Linkedin page as their Community? We launched our first community with LD 6months ago more or less but the analytics are quite limited and I cannot identify real patterns to address the lower engagement for example.

I`d like to see if there`s anyone out there with the same issue. 


  • Heather Wendt
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    This is such a good question @EvaS! I think in early stage companies where funding for a dedicated community platform is not (yet) available, this is a good way to get connections going, but there are definitely limitations.

    Would love to hear if anyone else using a social platform as a community has found any solutions to the limited analytics! 

  • I've run LinkedIn groups since 2009, and have seen a lot of changes in their technology over the years.  For awhile, it looked like LI was intending to kill off all of their groups.  In the last couple of years, however, they've begun restoring some group management functions, and more are slated to be rolled out in the coming months.  While crude in comparison to the features available here, for example, nevertheless, there are good reasons for using LI as part of your overall community strategy.  Let me know if you'd like to chat directly about this.
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    From my very limited experience with LinkedIn groups, it felt that the reach is minimal, and there is no discovery. 

    If they don't provide the reach and discovery, then there is no point in not using a self-hosted solution instead.
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    @Mikael Blaisdell I`d like to know more about your experience if you don`t mind. Thanks
  • EvaS
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    I`d like to know if anyone is using a community platform that includes also training builder and ticket management. 

  • @EvaS You can reach me either through LinkedIn or [email protected]
  • @Farouq Aldori  LI Groups' reach is variable.  Some are all but dead or totally inactive.  Others are thriving, with high activity.  There are ways around the lack of analytics.

    One key factor to keep in mind:  LI has a *huge* number of members.  Some visit every day, some once a month or more -- but every professional maintains a LinkedIn profile.