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Hello everyone! I am new to this community but a listener of the GGR podcast and follower of Jay Nathan for a while. I am currently a Director of CS leading the Enterprise segment for my company. We are hyper-growth stage after acquisition in April 2021. This yeah I am working through a couple of main themes (in addition to mitigating risk and keeping customers who are churning mainly due to economic environment but some due to lack of engagement): 

  1. Defining the Enterprise Customer Experience mainly post-sales and post-implementation
  2. Developing my CSMs =which includes also designing the future structure of the team. 

I am looking for advice and/or resources, someone to connect to learn more about how you went through this growth in enterprise in particular. 


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    Hi Sofia - Great discussion starter. Your agenda is quite broad. Here are some pointers to get you started:
    • What does Enterprise Customer Experience business mean to you and your superiors at the company? Do you have goals / metrics etc. that you would measure yourself by? 
    • If you don't, then you should build those and align yourself with your leaders as measurement stick for your business segment
    • Do you have vehicles in place now to measure those metrics? if not, you'd need to build those quickly. If yes, that's great - your job is that much easier.
    • In order to  hit these metrics, you'd need to do an assessment of where you are now first. I am sure most of this is in place. 
    • Start building an execution plan on how to arrive at your desired metrics. This plan is a step by step, time bound plan, supported by data from the field, supported by resources who can carry out the actions. This the critical piece that would also help you with your second ask - developing your CSM team. This plan is tuned specifically with your enterprise business
    Hope this helps. I'm available for further help..



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    Javed this is so helpful already! I really appreciate you commenting :smiley: You know, our COO mentioned this is the year of Enterprise Experience and while I am sure we have an answer to to your 4th point, it has not been documented so I will be starting there. I will work on these and share back! If nothing else, to use this platform to stay accountable as well. Thank you again!

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    Hi Sofia - Thank you for the excellent feedback. I assume the 4th bullet is assessment of where you are? One quick note on assessment - you'd need to determine and align on the success metrics (combination of 1, 2 and 3) in order to perform the true assessment of where you are - I am sure you know that already. 

    Feel free to reach out if you need anything additional.

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    Hi Sofia,
    We pivoted from SMB focused to Enterprise focused back in 2020, and here are a few things I changed/upgraded.

    1) We used to be a shared CSM model, but stopped it and assigned 1 specific person to each enterprise customer
    2) In addition to the (1), we decided to assign a senior CS besides the 1 CSM in charge of the enterprise customer
    3) We started QBR with the execs from both parties (we needed our execs to be presented to ask our enterprise customers to get their execs seated too)
    4) We became more proactive and project-manager-ish in customer interactions. Enterprise customers tend to move slowly and have a lot going on internally. We had to be cautious and move proactively to get things done and our customers feel value from our product
    5) We try to prove the ROI of our product by ourselves and present it to our customers
    6) We decided not to be afraid of having a post-sales seminar for our enterprise customers. We used to think that seminars matter before the decision-making process, however, it's effective and meaningful post-sales when you deal with enterprises. They might have someone not convinced yet of your product.
    Hope this helps!