New Year Reorg

In my workplace, it is common that a new calendar year means a reorg and account transitions. We transition an account for some of the below reasons:
  • Contract value change (+/- ARR or ACV)
  • "Strategic" account identification
  • New calendar/fiscal year
  • Balance (CSM) account load
  • CSM turnover

Transitions are necessary and often a fresh start with a new CSM is beneficial. However, if it happens too frequently or is improperly timed, the customer can feel caught up in the shuffle. 

What compelling event(s) trigger an account transition for your organization? Have you identified a "sweet spot" for the frequency of introducing a new CSM?


  • Brian O'Keeffe
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    Hi Natalie! Ideally you do not want to do this at the beginning of the year. With post holidays and year end I advise waiting until at least February and better March.

    I suggest a varying approach depending on customer state, frequency of engagement and known customer desire. High touch customers, do a one to one hand-off. The current CSM introduces the new CSM live. Low-touch, all via email. Customers who fall into high-touch but have resisted engagement, making it clear they do not want or need the high-touch model and are doing well: all via email. The great myth is that customers are that concerned and will be super sensitive to any change. As long as business goals are met and they know who to contact and when they are generally fine with it. 

    I have been through this many times and when a directive comes that all CSM transfers must be handled X way it is usually because management has a very limited view or come from a model that is inflexible. It also forces the CSM to check a box VS. having the flexibility to approach the customer the best way possible.