Best practices for tracking if customers are implementing insights

Hi everyone,

I lead the CS team in a SaaS company that monitors e-commerce sites - a big part of the CS work is to highlight elements which are not working properly in the clients side and their impact on the business.

We currently send monthly insight reports - but we want to create an on-going flow between meetings and to be able to track the progress of the issues identified (and to celebrate issues which were solved). I know that one option is to connect to the clients ticketing system and open tickets there - my question is - are there tool that you would recommend to use (either stand alone or integrated into our product) - to either upload reports, create reports, create tickets or tasks and track their progress with the client.

Thank you in advance for any input.  


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    I've had some success doing this with Pendo.  In addition to being able to capture actual usage metrics, you can create an insights guide that can be checked off as milestones are met.  Don't discount manual reporting of progress until you have everything automated or for the things difficult to automate.
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    @Maor Gershoni I too have had success in leveraging Pendo and Amplitude for customer usage metrics, Gainsight PX is another option here as well. The nirvana goal is when you can integrate these systems into a platform to provide a customer360 view. I've done this with different technology platforms at different companies(SFDC, SFDC Service Cloud, SFDC Community, Marketo, Jira, and Gainsight. Pendo was being implemented to further optimize), other example was Zendesk, ProductBoard, SFDC, Planhat, Insided, Amplitude, Pendo. My recommendation would be to do a tech assessment of the tools the cross functional teams have in place, renewal dates of those solutions, and integration with other solutions, as I learned we had a lot more tech in place than people realized. Once I had an understanding of the tech landscape and an idea of the problem I was trying to solve, I'd look for tech that helped fix that problem, but also integrated with the other tech in our environment. You can also look at iPaaS solutions to help build these integrations, so it's important to understand if you have an iPaaS solution in house: Zapier, Boomi, Snaplogic, Workato, etc....

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    Hi @Maor Gershoni

    Have you ever thought about help/community portal? where

    Not only can you check the progress of the issues identified, but you can also create tickets and celebrate wins. Community portals are very useful when you want to organize discussions in a way that not only addresses the current problem but also allows you to gather ideas. Create a knowledge base and to prevent tracking the progress of the client again and over again. 

    Your community portal acts as a single portal where clients can solve their own difficulties. The community also assists you in branding, engaging customers, managing internal team members, and exchanging reference materials.

    If this is something you're interested in, let's set up a quick call. I have some ideas that might be useful.

    Best wishes