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👋 Who We Are

ChurnZero is your platform and partner for Customer Success. We help your subscription business succeed at scale by giving you everything you need to improve efficiency and deliver the best possible customer experiences.

🙌 How We Help

ChurnZero helps your Customer Success team spot potential churn risks early and see renewal and expansion opportunities faster. Best-in-class automation and personalization, in-app communications, and Customer Success AI™ make it easy to engage with customers and lead them to value. Our platform offers journeys, health scores, survey tools, segmentation, plays, reporting, real-time alerts, walkthroughs, collaboration centers and more, and integrates easily with your CRM and tech stack.

📚 Resources

Churnopedia of SaaS Definitions and Metrics for Customer Success Professionals

Churn Monster Playbook: Your Definitive Guide to Fighting Customer Churn

Return on (Customer Success Platform) Investment Calculators

📅 Schedule a Demo

Got big, bold CS initiatives for 2023…but no new headcount? Give your CS team every advantage to hit their goals this year. Grab a demo of ChurnZero to discover how you can get more done with the team you already have.