As a CS leader, do you own a portfolio?


During this recession companies want to cut costs and get more efficient in every part of the organization. One way to do that is to get CS leaders to own a portfolio, but that must come with a cost - right?

Would really love to hear your thoughts and additionally answer the poll.

As a CS leader, do you own a portfolio? 5 votes

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    I think this largely depends on the size of the team, the headwinds the company faces, and the leader's skillset. The key is what leverage the leader brings to the table. If you have a small team at a smaller company, the leader should own some of the most important accounts. If the team and company have scale, the leader will likely not have the bandwidth to own accounts directly but should prioritize working with their team on the most critical accounts.

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    Agreed with the previous comment. Strategically, do you need to own a portfolio? Are there opportunities that would result in more revenue, smoother customer journey and experience, improved operational cadence? Do you have the opportunity to introduce services in the mix as part of the portfolio?

    If you don't have the right team to own that portfolio, you can always evolve the team and build it, but drive the answer based on the opportunity at hand and where you want to go strategically as a company.

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    I agree that it depends what is happening in your company. For instance, I am at a start up with only 2 other CSM's in the US. It doesn't make sense that I wouldn't own a book of business yet. However, once we have a larger customer base it will eventually make sense for someone to take over my book.