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Hi All, as you help your teams drive adoption & client value and help them focus on the client's business outcomes (vs. pure product adoption), how frequently are you leveraging change management best practice to help your team guide the client on the proper behaviors to lead to their desired outcomes? I ask because CSMs (particularly in the enterprise space) often need to take on the role as a business consultant / change agent to help their clients adopt and manage the challenges associated with changing the status quo of introducing new technology and process. And as we all know adoption -> satisfaction -> results -> 100% renewal + expansions + referrals.

How are you integrating change management best practices (i.e. how to reinforce positive behaviors, manage resistance, coach leaders on on the value of communicating about change, etc.) into your team's playbooks. We've used specific playbooks based on the need. It would be great to hear what you've done and what's worked. I'd also be happy to share what I've done / what's worked.


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    Would love to hear more about what you have done. This is not an area we have truly leveraged for our teams.

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    Hi David - Change management is messy because you don't have complete control over it. One of my clients recently was struggling with this. I advised them to take the route of enabling the business stakeholders as much as possible to behave in the fashion that helps them towards the successful outcome.

    Introducing change management in the operational cycle of CSMs was not my choice here.

    Other ideas - how can you get your stakeholders excited about the product, service and outcome? Can you create a community for them to learn from each other towards further adoption? Think about tools that may help your CSMs here.

    Feel free to DM me if you want to speak further on this.


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    I’m not entirely sure I’m clear on your question. If you’re asking how do you use change mgt internal to your org for the CSM team I’d like more info but if you’re asking about how to use it with your customers who are enterprise clients. I’d advise leveraging their internal change management processes. I also assume your company has a change board and you should tap into that change process for coordinating across clients.