CS for Managed Tech SaaS

Looking to exchange ideas on how to organize/roll-out our CS Strategy for a Managed Tech organization. We sell a SaaS product that is highly sticky, but not much user interaction with a UI. As I build out our strategy, I'd love to brainstorm with others who have been part of a CS org of a Managed Tech type of product/service line.



  • Rich Rans
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    Hey Sally,

    Understand your pain. Many of our products fall in this category as well.

    I'll message you my calendar and be happy to connect.

  • Chitra Madhwacharyula
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    I have been a Chief Customer Officer for a company where a majority of our customers were on the managed services model. The managed services team rolled up to me and used to manage multi-million dollars worth of customer spends on our platform. Our team was responsible in ensuring that the customers realized max value from their investment and exceeded their goals. Happy to brainstorm further with you if this is of interest.



    Chitra Madhwacharyula

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    Chitra Madhwacharyula

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    Author of 'Scaling Customer Success': https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-1-4842-9192-4

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    I just finished helping a startup design and implement its onboarding and ongoing value delivery experience for a tech-enabled service where the client will never touch a product besides a report. Feel free to connect with me to learn more. https://www.linkedin.com/in/chambron

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    Hi Jamie - thanks for your comments; I'll shoot you an email!

    Thank you!