Creating a Scaled Organization?

Hi all,

My org has traditionally only operated CS in a 1:1 relationship model. However, we only had about 20% of our customers on a CSM portfolio. The Account Managers were asked to act in a hybrid model for the other 80%, not the ideal scenario.

With that being the case I'm working with two members on my team to stand up a Scaled model for the population that is not a CSM portfolio.

Anyone else here go through a similar situation? I'd love to pick your brain, get some lessons learned, potential pitfalls, ect...

Thanks in advance


  • Rachel Provan
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    Hi Ron,

    Scaling is definitely possible even with a high touch model. The main things you need to do are:

    1) Identify what works to get your customers to renew and expand

    2) Do regression analysis of the data to confirm your experience of this.

    3) Create playbooks and automate them through a tool.

  • EdPorter
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    What the others have said is great. I'd also first look at onboarding to see how customers are onboarded and validate usage. From there, see how utilization is done from customers and validate the benefits they are seeing with your solution. From there, the community, case analysis, etc and try to use automation and outreach to present reports, usage, insights, ad recommendations. The biggest problems I see in scaled CS is not generating enough user driven content during the first year of usage. Not marketing content, but content based off of other users (ie users like you are also doing this and seeing X value). 

    Community is great to keep engagement and monitor participation. Then you create signals for outreach when engagement is low or utilization is low 
  • DbradyScaledCS
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    @EdPorter - I've stood up a few of these teams and am about to do it again. Happy to share what I know with you. Feel free to reach out DM me here to connect.