Renewals during COVID

Jeff Breunsbach
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For mid-term contracts, 6+ months away, hold off on making any contract changes right now.

If customer needs flexibility on an upcoming payment, consider moving from annual --> semi-annual, quarterly or monthly payments for a period of time.

For near-term renewals, provide a 15-month renewal and flexibility on next payment. Drawback is that this could appear to cause a drop in ARR (revenue recognition over 15 months instead of 12). Track that as a separate bucket from downsells or cancels.

Add a triage process to validate needs (vs. wants / opportunism). Doing this custom for each customer that asks is going to get time-consuming and painful.

In general, seems like folks are also avoiding blanket discounts.


  • Jay Nathan
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    Agree with avoiding blanket discounts. We are prioritizing customers with upcoming payments who have lost significant portions of revenue. 

  • Sheryl Hawk
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    For renewals that are in the next 6 months look to see if any can be secured early. You might offer access to a module/feature that you normally charge. While this may result in some churn, you have removed future risk and created a potential future upsell.