Capturing Feedback outside of Survey's

Sara Bochino
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We talk a lot about surveys at different points across the customer journey. What are other ways your gathering feedback from customers? And, how do you ensure that action is being taken either by product, marketing, sales, etc from that feedback? 


  • Jordan Olivero
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    This is how we close the loop when we receive a passive or detractor NPS response (which rarely happens of course ;)

    1. The CSM identifies reasons for poor sentiment and then sends a summary to the head of CX for review

    2. The head of CX shares the summary with our senior leadership team; relevant department heads are identified for a deep dive with the customer

    3. The CSM schedules the customer meeting, facilitates the meeting, and distributes action items from the call to all participants

    I'm sure there's room for improvement, but that's how we currently do it. 

  • Brian Hartley
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    Hey @Sara Bochino we are currently doing a trial with LoopVOC.  It is a tool that allows you to upload not only survey results but will allow you to pull in SFDC data, as well as G2/Capterra review sites, Zendesk,etc.  I really like the concept of the tool (pulling in different customer feedback channels) - hopefully we can secure budget to purchase one day.

    To answer your question directly, we have started a product input committee in which customers give us input on a feature we are already developing.  Aside from surveys/calls/organic reviews - we don't have much more in our arsenal 

    As for action - wish we had a better way.  Typically it is a series of meetings between myself and our CSMs and then me taking that information and sharing with our product and engineering team.  Ultimately it is on the CSMs to ensure feedback is delivered back to the customer.

  • Kristi Faltorusso
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    edited June 2020 is another solution. I am on their Board of Advisors and their platform is an AI tool that works with every system your customers engagement to capture insights and learning and appends sentiment rating/scoring which helps understand the holistic VOC. 

  • Andreas Knoefel
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    A few things come to mind:

    1. As part of my CS cross-functional infrastructure, I have standing meetings with the VP of Product, Marketing, and Sales. That is on one hand a platform to communicate feedback and on the other hand a way to follow up on promises.
    2. I invite Product, Marketing, Sales, CEO to our account reviews for our large customers. Here the CSM presents the state of the account and challenges and the rest of CS and all who want to collaborate. 
    3. A representative from Product reviews the roadmap 2x / year with all of our High-Touch customers, and on demand more frequently for those customers who are on our Product Advisory Board or are early adopters of new capabilities
    4. We in CS analyze requests and issues and associate them to a revenue risk. I present that to the Exec team



  • Sara Bochino
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    Thanks so much for the detailed outline of activities. I currently have a number of these in motion and we all contribute to a monthly voice of the customer meeting where I share customer product feedback, we leverage a scorecard to get a pulse on overall business alignment (contracting.invoicing, etc) as well as Support, success support and professional services. 

    It's also interesting to me the mention of a secondary platform like or LoopVOC. I've been targeted by these companies and have not spent much time evaluating because I'm hyper focused on Gainsight optimization, but knowing that others are expanding their CS stack is something I will look into. Thank you all @Kristi Faltorusso @Brian Hartley @Andreas Knoefel and @Jordan Olivero for sharing your insights. It feels like I'm headed down the right path but will need some help to automate and reduce some manual labor moving forward.  

  • Madeline Turner
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    Hey @Sara Bochino! We put together this VOC reporting template that a lot of our customers are using to help roll up VOC insights across channels and track actions that address these insights over time.

    Happy to answer any questions you may have about the resource!