Anyone with a reference for a company that sends on boarding swag

Effie Mansdorf
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Hi All!

I'm looking for a company that can create and deliver some onboarding swag. Different levels of branded gift baskets per persona/tier. 

While nothing can replace in-person kickoffs, I'm looking to give our customers who have high tier ARR a "welcome" gift as part of their onboarding.

Ideally I would like to be able to include a canned note per CSM to give it a personal touch.

Has anyone had any experience with this?




  • Liz carten
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    Hi Effie,

    We used Sendoso during my time at Showpad and had just kicked it off before I left. The concept is great as you can create branded swag across an array of products that can be integrated into your customer journey, but they are still a young company so their user flow does have some limitations. This is how it works at a high level:

    1) Choose the events in the customer journey where you want SWAG sent
    2) Select SWAG options by event and/or customer tier 
    3) Send co-branding design to Sendoso
    4) Order the products to be stored in Sendoso warehouse
    5) Integrate Sendoso into SFDC such that swag can be ordered directly through SFDC
    6) Request sent to Sendoso from SFDC and sent to a customer (I think you can customize with a note)
    7) Gift sent out to customer via Sendoso warehouse - turn around was really quick in the US, but was slower in Europe

    Here are some of the operational challenges I ran into that I would consider when implementing:
    1) Ordering permissions  - it's designed to have CSMs or AEs order directly themselves, but there is no control or approval process in the flow (or there wasn't 8 months ago). I wanted there to be a manager sanity check especially for more junior CSMs so initially limited permissions to my FLMs, but that was one more thing for them to do. If you had a dedicated CS ops resource, I could see this person owning it at the beginning and sending requests via Chatter so you can gauge spend 
    2) Staying on top of inventory - again, this could be managed by CS ops, but because in my instance, we had a shared ops model and using Sendoso meant moving something previously managed by field marketing over to CS was just one more thing to manage

    In case it's helpful - here were the touch points we started with:
    1) signed contract - gift sent from AE 
    2) customer go-live - gift sent from CSM
    3) company kick-off to end users - gifts sent to end users from CSM

    Eventually we wanted to build in additional touch points like a big renewal or expansion.
  • Markus Siebeneick
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    edited September 2020  is another option that can help with sending out more personalized items as well as swag.
  • Effie Mansdorf
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    Thanks Liz - Super helpful. Thanks for taking the time to include the process and details. I love this board :-)
  • Alex Farmer
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    Gleefully borrowing this idea for our customer journey - love it!
  • Liz carten
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    You're welcome! Good luck :).