How do you survey Product users?

Tanuj Diwan
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Hello all,

How do you survey Product users?

Personally for me I would prefer taking feedback from them inside the product, instead of email.

However I have been speaking with some Product Folks and have got mixed responses, some prefer Email as they believe a Pop Up survey inside the App irritates the customers.

In your opinion?

1. What is the best way of doing it?
2. At what events you measure their feedback?
3. A decision maker might not be a power user so would you prefer email over Product Feedback?



  • Anita Toth
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    @Tanuj Diwan  Can I suggest one more way to get product feedback? It's customer interviews for product feedback.   (Hiten Shah, founder of FYI and CrazyEgg, relies on customer interviews as the main way to get product feedback. He's a product guy and founder.) 

    I have an article of his that I could find for you if you want to help settle the debate. ?