What are your CS enablement team KPI's?

Ido Barnoam
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Hey  everyone  ? 

I've recently transitioned to a CS enablement position, and for a while now I'm looking for KPI's that I could measure performance with.

I tried looking for sales enablement KPIs at first. From what I could gather sales enablement positions usually use KPI's that are similar to these of sales and might be a specific subset. 

I didn't yet see KPIs that are aligned with CS enablement positions though.

I would love to hear if you have a CS enablement position in your companies, and if so, how are performance and development being measured?
Any other ideas would also be welcomed :)



  • Miko Hinojosa
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    Hello Ido - 

    At my Saas - we don't have CS Enablement KPIs per se - however there are a couple of things we always push for our implementation team to ensure and meet those milestones, that I believe they could serve for inspiration to bring you some ideas of what you would want to define as your own CS Enablement KPIs:
    • On-Time Completion Implementation rate (in our case the goal is 3 months for out of the box mid market bundle)
    • Resource capacity (number of eng /devs working in implementing * percentage of time they have available to work on it)
    • Number of Change Requests / Change Controls (Out of SOW)
    • UAT approval rate (# UAT sessions made until final customer approval)
    • Potential ROI (in our case we are a field service SaaS - so we calculate ROI in ways we can benefit our customers after implementation, more specifically, how much potential  $$$ in overall FS productivity they will get).
    These are very basic, but hopefully they can give you some idea as to what you are looking for!