Key Account Management/Recurring Account Management software?

Elizabeth Bukys
Elizabeth Bukys Member Posts: 13
I'm looking for ways to increase efficiency in managing key accounts (and any accounts), specifically when it comes to high level project planning that can then populate down to a task level--while still associated with accounts.

I can sort of hack this in most CRMs, and with a quarter or two of someone dedicated to setting it up from scratch in Retool, but for most CRMs as soon as you populate the tasks out you lose insight into how the project as a whole is going. There also doesn't seem to be a good way to prioritize tasks once they're created (not just order them on an account view, but prioritizing which accounts' tasks are more important to be actioned first). And if it's done in a project management tool, it seems close to impossible to not just connect up high level goals/projects with actual task progress, but also keep KPIs tracked against the project.

What are you doing to manage ongoing projects (like renewals or pushing increased product depth on accounts where they can get value from it), as well as changing goals over a quarter or year? How do you track your projects at a high level, as you spin them out into individual tasks for you/your team to complete?