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Hi Team,
University of San Fransisco is looking for companies and professionals to mentor students in their MBA program. Some of the information is old (spring 2020), but the offer still stands.

1.     Student Consultant Projects: An important part of our program is coaching and mentoring students while they work on consulting projects for companies.  Please consider having your company work with our students on a project. While we especially love projects with Bay Area companies, we have also had a lot of success working with firms around the world.  Attached to this email is a short document describing our program for you to read and share with colleagues. I would be happy to provide more information and answer any questions that you might have.   


2.     Guest Lectures, Workshops, and Company Visits:  In addition to classroom training and consulting projects, our students also benefit greatly from additional interaction with the Customer Success community. Please consider making a proposal to give a guest lecture, lead an interactive workshop, or host a company visit.


3.     Summer Internships:  We seek internship opportunities for all of our students.  If interested, I am happy to discuss how to structure this type of opportunity so that it provides maximum benefit for both the company and the student.

USF contact: Vijay Mehrotra <[email protected]>
URL: USF CS MBA CAP Request for Spring 2020
USFCA website:
Some information on LinkedIn: