Assigning CS to Freemium Users

Matt Kwan
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Hey folks, currently looking into assigning CSMs to a shared book of freemium accounts to support them in a one-to-many fashion while we build up our user-base. The main KPI we're thinking of looking at here is cohort retention, but my question is this: how would you compensate CSMs working in a model like this?


  • Tiffany Morin
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    Great question. You could look at logo churn/retention. I am assuming one 'goal' is to move these users to a paid subscription so upsell could be another. Other ways to measure this could be adoption rate, user acquisition, etc. Depending on the level of support required you could look at support team KPIs.
  • Pam Micznik
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    @Matt Kwan - What are the responsibilities of CSMs regarding these freemium accounts? How do you track it? How do you incentivize freemium customers to become paying customers?