NPS tool questions (SMB)

Jenny Leman
Jenny Leman Member Posts: 15 Thought Leader
Hi all,

I have some questions for you all as we search for the right NPS solution for our org.  I'd love to hear from you on the below items if you are in SMB:

1.  What tool do you use for NPS?
2.  Does it allow you to customize the email or message (ex: Hi {first name}, ....  )
3.  Does it allow automatically scheduled reminders for incomplete surveys?
4.  Does it allow comment fields to be marked as required?  
5.  Does it run any text analytics to find common phrases and give insights on them?
6.  What do you love and hate about your current tool?

Thank you!


  • Clint Kelson
    Clint Kelson Member Posts: 8 Seeker
    edited November 2020
    I can't answer all your questions - but our product team just implemented Appcues and is using it for our NPS in app to admins only as our first trial of it. So far it's been great and we can set it up so that admins see it each time they are in the app (unless they answer it - it can be scheduled to pop up again however frequent you want). It gives us the score and then feedback is optional. It's allowed us to send thanks to those customers providing us with good scores and to reach out to those to gather more feedback of those that are less satisfied.
  • Jordan Silverman
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    Hey Jenny! We operate similar to @Clint Kelson where instead of email we do NPS in app.

    We use Satismeter and I love it.

    Few reasons why:
    1) They offer other surveys outside of just NPS (Csat, Covid, free text, etc.)
    2) It integrates with Slack so the whole team can see NPS ratings in a slack channel
    3) They are on Zapier so we can integrate with Totango and other tools
    4) We plugged it into Segment so we can target pretty granularly on who gets what surveys and when

    I would highly recommend Satismeter. Been using it for 5+ years and they have only gotten better.
  • Ed Powers
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    Good to see you're implementing customer feedback, @Jenny Leman, but be careful using NPS. No less than 8 studies show it does not live up to its hype--NPS is not predictive of either referral or loyalty behaviors. Also, few (if any) survey tools display confidence intervals, so it's very easy to make bad decisions. NPS is fine for tracking B2C when you have many thousands of observations, but in B2B where sample sizes are much smaller, sampling errors are excessive. This means most of what you see in the numbers is noise, not signal. 

    That said, NPS is better than nothing, and if you don't currently have a VOC process, it's a place to start. Pay close attention to verbatim comments and who is making them, then implement techniques to more accurately measure and improve your products, services, and customer experience. Following up is also a good idea to let customers know you've heard them and are taking action.
  • Jarren Pinchuck
    Jarren Pinchuck Member Posts: 38 Expert
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    I couldn't agree more @Ed Powers!

    NPS is better used in B2C but there are so many reasons why it isn't accurate and how it doesn't give you useful information. It often seems like people love data and metrics because they're the buzz words at the moment. In my opinion, if you're collecting data the first question you need to ask yourself is, "What action/s should be taken from what this data is telling us?".

    If you're going to get customer feedback and you want it in terms of a score, why not ask them an NPS-style question after they've just used a feature of your platform for the first time. This way as an example, you'll get vital feedback for your product team which is very actionable.
  • David Ellin
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    @Jenny Leman, Kudos for starting a VoC program. @Ed Powers is spot on with his remarks about NPS. It's great as a volume-driven metric (B2C) but can be challenging for B2B. That said, I've used it for years in B2B companies but used it in combination with other Pulse and Transactional surveys.

    From a hands-on perspective, I've used Medallia (pre-Strikedeck) and Qualtrics. Between the two, I found Qualtrics to be a wonderful tool - easy to configure, easy to schedule emails and surveys, and a good closed-loop process built-in. I've implemented VoC programs at SMBs and enterprise companies.

    I'd be happy to chat 1:1 if you'd like. Feel free to reach out at [email protected]

  • Steve Bernstein
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    Hi @Jenny Leman -- There's a good thread on LinkedIn around this quesiton at
    I should say that Waypoint's TopBox provides the items you listed above, but you might want to expand your requirements for B2B. For example, in B2B the need for longitudinal tracking of the same account and contacts over time is critical to watch for changes in sentiment, as-is integration with Salesforce for proper management of the data and end-to-end process.  You'll also want to ensure that CSMs have the ability to identify and include the right contacts, gain visibility and easy actions for "my" accounts, while also providing out-of-the-box analytics for 1:Many improvement initiatives.

    I'd be pleased to answer any questions about feature/function, approach, B2B best-practices in surveys/NPS, etc. Love to network and help where I can and help refine your requirements as I've been doing this work for 20+ years and still love it!

  • Liz carten
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    Hi Steve, can you double check the link to the thread on linkedin? I get a broken page when I try to go to it.
  • Steve Bernstein
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    Dangit, sorry about that. It works for me and when I go to LinkedIn to grab the link it's the same one I posted but I'll re-paste it in here... if still doesn't work then I've also uploaded a PDF of the thread as well... hope this is ok now?

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