Tip of the Week: Starting a Post

Annie Moncure
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Alright everyone, this is a long post! But it has a lot of tips on how to start your first discussion post! If you have any ideas to share, or maybe have a problem you have been trying to solve, I highly recommend starting a new thread in our community

  1. To start a new thread, go into the and click the “Add” button beside the Latest Discussions Post

2. If you are already in the Discussions tab, you can also choose “Post New Message.”

3. Once you are in the new post, select the topic(s) your post pertains to. Remember, you can choose multiple topics for your post, and the more topics you choose the more people that will see your post. So, make sure you add a few if they are relevant!

4. Then add a subject (think about an email subject) and then add the content of your post in the body. Don’t forget that you can add links, images and videos into your post. You can also attach any files that are relevant to your post, and they will live on the post and in the resource library for other members to see.

You will likely just post your discussion by choosing “send”. But you also have the option to schedule your post for a later date, or save your post as a draft if you need to come back to it later.

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