Tip of the Week: My Connections

Annie Moncure
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When joining a community like Gain. Grow. Retain. most peoples’ goal is to connect with other members. That’s what a community is all about right? All your connections in this community will live under the “My Connections” tab where you’ll find Contacts, Networks, Communities, and posts or events you’ve chosen to follow

  • Under Contacts, you can search the directory to explore who else is in the community.
  • On your Networks page, you can view the networks you belong to, along with the total number of users in each. Networks are groups of people that have added the same types of information to their profile as you have. So, you can search who can see who is in the same industry as you or who has the same certifications, etc. (This is another reason why filling out your profile is so important.) Clicking a network's Members button allows you to view everyone belong to it, allowing you to easily connect with others you already share a commonality with.
  • The Community page lists each community you belong to. From here, you can:
    • click a community's name to access it,
    • click the Discussions, Libraries, and Members button to the right to quickly access that content for one of your communities,
    • and click Explore All Communities to see if there are other communities out there you'd like to join.
  • The Following page lists the content you've followed across your community, providing a one-stop shop for you to quickly jump to the content you're interested in. This is super helpful if you have followed quite a few discussions and want to keep track of them all.

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