Tip of the Week: My Contributions

Annie Moncure
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Want to see how you’ve been doing in the community or check on an old post to see if anyone has responded lately? Or, did you save a draft of a discussion and need to get back to it to finalize and post? Check out the “My Contributions” tab on your profile! The pages in this area of your profile make it easy for you to view and access every piece of content you've contributed across your community.

  • The Summary page provides a breakdown of your earned achievements and points, the centerpiece is a graph providing a breakdown of all the content you've contributed, color-coded by type. You can click the graph and its index to see the associated content.
  • On the Achievements page you can see all the Badges and Ribbons you’ve earned. In essence, it's a "trophy case"!
  • The List of Contributions page is the most useful page. It shows your contributed content as well as any posts that you have drafted or scheduled in a single, scrollable list.

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