Tip of the Week: Managing your account preferences

Annie Moncure
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Want to update your privacy settings or change your email preferences to make sure you’re getting the digest? You can do all this and more in the “My Account” tab on your profile!

  • On the Privacy Settings page, there are two main things you can control
    • First, you can toggle the Yes/No button to control whether you're included or removed from the Member Directory and Community Rosters. If set to NO, you're essentially hidden and can't be searched for or found by other members.
    • Second, for each of your profile fields, you can control who can see it by selecting one of the following visibility options: your contacts, other members, the general public, only you.
  • In addition to user messages and general notifications, you may also routinely receive email messages originating from the following categories: System, Community, Social, and Promotional (each category is described on this page). If you want to opt-out of receiving messages from any of these categories, click on the Email Preferences page and toggle their associated category to NO. Note: this is NOT where you update your digest, this only manages the one off emails you are receiving. A quick breakdown of the three different types of messages:
    • System messages: cannot be opted out of – they are messages like your password reset email
    • Community emails: messages from the community manager or community administrators. Basically, if you don’t want to hear from Jeff anymore individually – toggle this to no.
    • Participation emails: messages that directly affect you in the community. For example, if someone @mentions you or replies to your post. I would highly recommend keeping this subscription.
Promotional emails: messages that market events. We do not use these types of messages in Gain Grow Retain.
  • On the Community Notifications page, you can manage your community subscriptions, establish notification overrides, and create Consolidated Digests. To learn more about the different notification settings, click on the question mark icon.
  • If you are only a member of the Customer Success Leadership Community – all you need to look at is the Topic Notifications. Toggle off personalized digest if you no longer want to receive digests.
  • The Discussion Signature page allows you to create your default Discussion signature that will be added to the bottom of each of your Discussion posts. To do so, click the desired variables on the right to add them on the left. If you make any changes, click Save at the bottom to apply them. You can also click Use Default Template to use your site's template signature

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