Does anyone send a survey to customers who are leaving to get any last feedback? If so, what questio

Bridget Lamb
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  • Brian Hartley
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    We don't conduct a survey necessarily but rather an exit call/email in which we ask the following questions:

    • Are you moving to a new solution?  Mind sharing the name?
    • Is there anything we could have done differently to keep our partnership?
    • If things change down the road, would you be open to re-engaging with us? (i.e. maybe competitor doesn't work out, etc)_
  • Kyle Bennett
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    I love this question @Bridget Lamb! Brian's 3 questions are certainly good ones. One additional question I always have my CSMs ask (or I'll ask if I'm conducting the interview) is, "Is there anything we can do to help you in your transition?" 

    Even when clients are leaving they'll remember how you treated them and how you handled the situation. Things with the new vendor may not work out or maybe the stakeholder leaves for another company and they remember how you helped them even when they were leaving your product. Never block the exit. Instead, hold the door for them and prop it open so they can come back any time! 

  • Jung Kim
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    Is this aside from an exit interview? We do our best to ask just a few key questions and send them via email if they don't have time to meet. Below are some of the ones that we ask (could just as easily put them in a google form, surveymonkey, etc.) 

    Key point afterwards is the conclusion to add to the primary churn metrics, which we track as well. Aside from the qualitative aspects of churn, there are usually key patterns of value not being met which we consolidate into categories. 


    1. Is there/what was anything you didn’t get from us that you were looking for? 
    2. What was the most beneficial thing/aspect? 
    3. How could we best improve our service? What could we have spent a bit more time on?
  • David Ellin
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    Spot on, @Brian Hartley and @Kyle Bennett . Completely agree with the exit interview strategy. I'd much rather it be a dialog than an impersonal survey.

    On initiative I take that I haven't yet seen mentioned although @Jung Kim is moving in that direction....

    Look for other customers who may be experiencing the same things that the recently-churned customer experienced and take action quickly to mitigate those same potential reasons for churn. Every customer that churns provides an opportunity to learn, grow and save another customer.

  • Chris Jones (CJ)
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    Like Brain, Kyle and many others we don't send a survey we general have a call with the customer. the call normally has a 3 fold purpose ... Keep the relation clean during the separation, get details on what the customer was looking for and what we may have missed and finally to get as much details around the solution they are selecting.

    In having these discussions it allows us to let the customer know that we are there for them and will fully support them during the transition, but also it provides us information that we can us to target them in the future. for example if we know the implementation time-frame it can give us a idea which of our competitors they are going to, which will also let us know the during of the contract so we know when to approach them again around their renewal.

  • Kristi Faltorusso
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    We have a Closed Lost playbook that requires our team to reach out to customers who have decided to not continue with the partnership so we can conduct churn interviews. The ask is for a 30 min call and we provide 3 questions to capture learnings. We use this information to circulate internally and has been part of our Closed Lost Analysis meeting. We also send a survey to a broader audience and we just ask for ways we can improve. 

  • Bridget Lamb
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    Thanks so much everyone! I appreciate all the comments. I recently started at a new company that doesn't really have a process for this and I want to improve that!