Online review / reputation management - seeking wisdom from the GGR community

Joe McElhaney
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My Situation:
My Customer Success team has been tasked by our board with improving our company's online ratings and reviews (i.e., going beyond the scope I expect for a typical VOC or Customer Advocacy function within CS). 

My Context:
  1. Our board and C-suite are keen on implementing a "rate/review once; post to multiple sites" solution
  2. I have no meaningful experience with review management / reputation management SaaS tools. In my career, brand and online reputation management have always been managed by Marketing with Customer Success who would supply the customer advocates for Marketing to nurture posting online ratings and reviews
  3. The online review/reputation management SaaS sites we've looked at so far (e.g., Podium, Birdeye, Reputation) appear to emphasize managing ratings and reviews on sites such as Facebook, Google, Yelp, and Foursquare (i.e., more appropriate for small, local businesses) versus the review sites I associate with B2B SaaS (e.g., G2, Capterra, Trust Radius, Software Advice). Also, I am dubious of any of their claims of "rate/review once; post to multiple sites" functionality.
My Request:
I would greatly appreciate tool suggestions or lessons learned from your own experiences -- anything that will help my team improve our business' online reputation fast without Herculean effort.

Thanks in advance!


  • Brian Hoffman
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    Hey Joe, 

    Great seeing a fellow DC-ite here. Here is some insight on how we approach this ourselves at ChurnZero:

    Hope it might be helpful.
  • Joe McElhaney
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    Thanks for sharing the TrustRadius success story on ChurnZero, Brian. Your approach lines up well with my own experience. If ChurnZero use "TrustRadius for Vendors," I'd appreciate any insights you have on using it.

    Also, have you heard of any "rate/review once; post to multiple sites" solutions? I have a board member who insists such solutions exist, but I haven't found one yet. Plus, I don't really like the approach of using the same rating or review across multiple sites.