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JOB TITLE: B2B SaaS Implementation Manager

LOCATION: Washington DC (after pandemic) 

JOB DESCRIPTION: This Implementation Manager will manage the customer onboarding process from the moment a contract is signed through go-live while working with the CSMs and other Onboarding//Implementation Specialists to ensure the customer's goals are met. This person will also provide strategic leadership to current/future efforts to ensure our onboarding process is as organized and efficient as possible as EngagedMD continues to grow.

JOB RELATIONSHIP TO YOU: I (Taylor) am the Director of Customer Success at EngagedMD, so this position would report to me. The Customer Success Team currently includes one Implementation Specialist, one CSM, and two Customer Support Specialists. 

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN US: EngagedMD is a growing Healthtech startup! We work with ~115 clinics and are adding more every day. We're looking to improve our customer onboarding process in this time of fast growth and as we prepare to add other products to our customer offerings.

ABOUT OUR COMPANY: At EngagedMD, our mission is to empower patients and providers to elevate the healthcare experience. By modernizing patient education and informed consent processes, EngagedMD aims to improve health outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, reduce cost, and enable providers to focus on what matters. EngagedMD is used by leading private practices, academic institutions, and hospital systems across the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

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