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Very excited to be expanding our CS Leadership in North America. Please send me a DM if you want to chat about this role!

: Customer Success Leader


JOB DESCRIPTION: We're looking for an experienced and results-oriented CS leader to help grow our Customer Success program in New York, NY. In this role, you'll play a key role in the growth and success of MongoDB, our customers and CS team members and you'll help develop an outstanding program in one of its most exciting transformation phases.

JOB RELATIONSHIP TO YOU: I am a current CS Leader at MongoDB, so we will work closely together as part of the Global CS Leadership team. 

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN US: Maybe I'm biased, but the CS team at MongoDB is one of the best teams I've worked in! It's full of smart, collaborative people who are evolving the CS team to be one of the best out there. Everyone get's the chance to contribute and it feels like we're all in the rocketship together. I also cannot speak highly enough about MongoDB as a company, great culture and genuinely seem to care about their employees! (I'm European, so I am very attuned to employee benefits and the like) You can find out more here:

ABOUT OUR COMPANY: Our mission is to free the genius within everyone. We believe that making data easy to work with, gives people the opportunity to free their genius and create something world changing.  The database market is massive (the IDC estimates it to be $106B+ by 2024!) and MongoDB is at the head of its disruption. We are the leading modern data platform and the first database provider to IPO in over 20 years. 

JOB LINK: Manager, Customer Success | MongoDB

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