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Erik Grand
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Hi GGR Community. I recently joined a new company and looking to implement a VoC program, starting with onboarding CSAT. I am shopping around for survey tools and wanted to get the Community's feedback on best options to consider? We are a small team and pricing is important, as well as Slack integration. Thank you!


  • Leanna Castello
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    Following, in the same boat. @Erik Grand do you have your onboarding survey designed yet or questions you've found helpful in the past?
  • Erik Grand
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    It's still a WIP and certainly open to feedback from the community!

    Also wanted to mention: email surveys are preferred in our case (vs. in-app) since many of our Enterprise accounts are not actually using our web app; only our data.
  • Jordan Silverman
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    We use Satismeter - - for NPS, CSAT, onboarding surveys, etc.

    I am a huge fan for a few reasons:
    1) Easy to use at a good price
    2) Can email or do in app (I like doing in app)
    - Note in app does require a bit of developer coding
    3) On Zapier so can easily integrate with a bunch of applications
    4) Flexibility on survey set up and type of survey

    Happy to answer any questions on it!
  • Greg Aim1
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    Many of the CS Platforms have the ability to survey, with the added bonus of adding close-loop logic based on specific scores provided.  What none of the CS platforms I've used are particularly good at is the harvesting of all the free-response (you are including free-response question(s) like "What is the one suggestion you would make that would make the experience even better?" or some such) - exporting all those out and rolling them up (with sentiment analysis, and organizing for action with the services, or product, or support, or rest of organization) was always a bit harder than I would prefer.

    If you don't have a CS platform (we didn't when we started), we used GetFeedback (by SurveyMonkey) so that all the CES scores,  CSAT scores and NPS would flow directly into SalesForce (our CRM) and be related to specific users and rolled up into an account view.

    DM me with more specifics if it would help.

          -- Greg
  • Daryl Colborne
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    We are using a tool called Wootric and it's AWESOME! It focuses on CES, CSAT and NPS and there are lots of cool features and AI built into it.

    Let me know if you have questions...I'm happy to discuss or have the member of my team that is working most closely with it to hop on a call.



  • Carl Hoffmann
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    Hi Erik,  

    I would recommend also thinking about those questions you want to ask, while you start shopping around for tools.  VoC is a larger program than just surveys, but based on the environment you're describing (and pricing limitations), I'm don't know if you're able to scale to that yet.  Still, it would be good to at least keep that in mind that as a longer term goal.  One thing I've seen is that as you started collecting feedback, you' will likely find different questions to ask your customers, as it evolves. 

    Having said that, I can tell you we used a tool at my last company called TopBox (which has since been acquired by Khoros).  It fed into SFDC (and into Tableau) and had some nice analytics.  I saw a bit of GetFeedback in action a couple of years ago and while it was graphically friendly, it seemed to be less of a VoC solution than TopBox.  That may have changed since being acquired by Survey Monkey.

    Disclosure: @Steve Bernstein advised us on the TopBox platform, so he may have some more insight.

    Also checking to see if @Erika Villarreal has some thoughts on this.
  • Steve Bernstein
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    Hi @Carl Hoffmann -- Thanks for the shout-out, and actually the product you are speaking of is was Waypoint's TopBox ( which is a comprehensive yet cost-efficient VoC platform.  So what's the difference between a "survey tool" and a VoC platform?  TONS!  Do you really want to "move the needle" or just measure? I suspect the former -- just measurement is a waste of everyone's time -- so you need the right analytics/visualizations, triggers/workflows, business processes and strategy that works for B2B.

    1. In B2B it's important to identify and get "deep and wide" feedback from stakeholders, end-users, admins, project managers, architects, and more. In other words, the PERSONA of the person you are acquiring feedback from is just as critical as getting the feedback itself... For example, image a Decision Maker getting questions about product ease-of-use... that persona often doesn't use the product, so what a waste of time and total turn off for that person. Not to mention that the persona provides critical context for their feedback. You're not combining "scores" from end-users and decision-makers into one aggregate, right?  That just wouldn't make sense since the experiences are entirely different. So you need a platform that can confirm the persona of the individual and then use logic to present the right questions to the right person at the right time. 
        (BTW, you'll also need to understand WHO responded and who didn't... non-responders are the most toxic segment, driving churn faster than any others, so if you are only looking at the raw feedback then you are missing out on an opportunity to strengthen relationships with those "silent" yet key stakeholders!)

    2. Let's continue that idea and discuss timing. Are you asking for the right feedback (the right questions) at the right time? Onboarding is totally different from pre-renewal phases in the customer lifecycle. Are you asking the right questions at the right phase in the customer's journey?  Don't just think transactional "experience" incidents such as post-support... not only is that poor sampling strategy (only asking for feedback from people that interact with support) but totally misses the overall sentiment of the customer contact (i.e. "loyalty").  You might ask how the interaction impacted their overall sentiment (e.g. change in likelihood to recommend up/down/neutral) but that's not the same thing.

    3. Now let's pivot to analytics... assuming you are asking the right questions of the right people at the right time, how will you analyze, present, and action the feedback? You'll need a "tool" to do this, and Excel just doesn't cut it because you'll want to analyze free-text comments, conduct cohort analysis (comparing segment "x" against segment "y" for example), and drive action. You'll want account-level analytics/visualizations to be automated (cant produce them individual-account-by-individual-account) while also responsibly aggregating/rolling-up data. Ever see that work with Excel?

    Ok, end of rant...  There are many many links on GGR and LinkedIn that will provide other resources:

    Discussion of various SaaS tools for feedback
    Ensuring actionable feedback
    CSAT Strategy on GGR
    Leveraging feedback as a critical part of your EBR

  • Andrea Brisker
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    We used to use AskNicely for NPS surveys, which integrated to Slack very well, but we had quite a few bugs with it especially from users that were on Outlook. Users that we know loved our product would register as "0" scores frequently, and when we would follow up the users would have no idea what we were talking about. 

    We currently use ChurnZero as our CS software and send both NPS and post implementation surveys from there. I like that you can then segment the results and analyze them according to whatever criteria best suits your needs.
  • Erik Grand
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    Thank you, everyone, for the very helpful responses! Our current CS tool (Catalyst) does not offer this feature, so I'm left to look elsewhere. I appreciate all of your suggestions and will be reaching out to each of them to find out which might work best for our purposes.
  • Matt Myszkowski
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    Hi @Erik Grand,

    We at Cision have just purchased GetFeedback by SurveyMonkey for our VoC program. We are at the very early stages of implementing and we are focusing on 3 key touchpoints: transactional case, onboarding & Relationship survey (renewal date -6months).

    Happy to share my experience over the next few weeks leading up to go-live.
  • Steve Bernstein
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    Hi Matt -- It would be very useful for the community if you could provide some details on how your program will work with GetFeedback as there's a huge difference between a VoC program vs. sending surveys... For example, how will Cision:
    1. Make sure you are asking the right people for feedback at the right. For example, how will you "schedule" the feedback requests that are based on time and milestones (e.g. account lifecycle ==>relationship) vs. triggers (which tend to be transactional)
    2. Drive action at the account-level, especially from strategic accounts where you are likely (or should, at least!) to have many contacts providing feedback in any given account, and trending of sentiment (and "why") from the same accounts and contacts is critical
    3. Provide an analysis that drives "1:Many" improvements
    4. Helps you take steps to drive up response rates (a.k.a. customer participation) so the data are representative and actionable

    Thanks, Matt!!