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JOB TITLE: Client Success Operations Coordinator


JOB DESCRIPTION: The CS Ops Coordinator will be responsible for maintaining, and enhancing our plays and journeys in our ChurnZero instance, as well as building out carousels and fully utilizing Intercom's feature.  This position will also assist the Director of CS Operations in the rollout and management of managed services that we are beta testing right now.

JOB RELATIONSHIP TO YOU: I (Rachel) am the VP of Experience at Realync.  Our CS team covers onboarding, implementation, training, support and usage/adoption/strategy.  This position will report to my Director, Lauren Gebhardt who oversees our CS operations and managed services.  Our CS team is currently 8 full time rockstars and we can't wait to welcome the 9th rockstar to our team.

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN US: We are a very close knit, supportive team and are excited to welcome someone else onto our bus!  We are real and transparent with each other, and everyone has a seat and voice at "the table".   If you're looking to grow, see the tangible fruits of your labor, and be on a very fast growing team, then we're the place for you!

ABOUT OUR COMPANY: Realync is a fast growing B2B SaaS company with a defined market, proven opportunity, and a track record of success.  With over 400% growth in 2020, we love serving our clients in the multifamily industry be providing virtual leasing solutions to property managers and leasing professionals.

JOB LINK: https://realync.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=32

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