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JOB TITLE: Head of Membership Success


JOB DESCRIPTION: Head of Membership Success will be responsible for the vision and execution of a best-in-class retention strategy and optimal customer journey for an executive membership organization. We need a membership success expert - or a customer success leader with a strong background in community building and engagement (we are not a SaaS org!).

JOB RELATIONSHIP TO YOU: I'm the Senior Director of Member Success at Kindred, but new to the CS world, running all success functions myself, and in need of someone to lead the charge! You'll be reporting to the Chief Growth Officer, and working closely with me, Chief Experience Officer, and Chief Impact Officer. 

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN US: Join a quickly-growing team with a lot of press and traction that's (actually) changing the world. Our every day is focused on driving societal impact from corporate leaders. Plus all the excellent benefits: unlimited vacay, full benefits, competitive salary, amazing team!

ABOUT OUR COMPANY: Kindred launched in October 2020 and has gained over 200 member organizations in just under six months. We are a membership organization for mission-oriented, purpose-driven, and stakeholder-focused executives.  

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Head of Member Success
Organizations are now being held accountable for action on issues that include diversity, equity, inclusion, allyship, sustainability, violence, poverty, nutrition, education and mental health. Kindred is a membership that helps its members more intelligently and urgently close the gap between intent and action on these issues by providing access to a collaborative network of their peers, to renowned experts and training, and to the information, analysis, data and research they need to make increasingly important decisions.
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