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JOB TITLE: Customer Success Manager 


JOB DESCRIPTION:We're looking for a passionate and ambitious Customer Success Manager to join our East Coast-based team. We are looking for someone who thrives within a fast-paced team environment and has exceptional people and communication skills. Ultimately, you will be responsible for increasing the usage of our Real World event data and helping customers to adopt all of the features we offer across multiple use cases.

JOB RELATIONSHIP TO YOU: I lead Customer Success at PredictHQ, so this position would be one of my team members. We are an integral part of the Go-to-Market org at PredictHQ, which reports to the VP os Sales and Customer Success. We are on our way to building a category, and our Customer Success team is a key part of accomplishing our goal.

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN US: PredictHQ is growing rapidly, and as part of the Customer Success team you will have the opportunity to work across all areas of our business including product, dev, and data science. We have some amazing, global customers in our portfolio and many more will be added this year. Our team focuses on building strong customer relationships and working with our customers to reach their intended business outcomes.

ABOUT OUR COMPANY: PredictHQ is the world's leading source of demand intelligence, enabling global companies to accurately predict and prepare for demand anomalies.

We cover every major category from conferences and concerts to live, unscheduled events such as extreme weather or airport delays. Our expertise is in verifying, enriching and adding intelligence to the millions of significant events that impact demand, so companies can act before it's too late.

Our teams are creating advanced machine learning algorithms, using data from thousands of sources around the world, processing it through our modern, micro services based pipeline - and exposing it to customers via a powerful API. Some of the world's most exciting companies such as Uber, Amazon Alexa, Accenture and Amadeus rely on us to learn from the past, and predict their future.


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