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JOB TITLE: Mid-Market Customer Success Manager

LOCATION: Office is Brooklyn-based, but we have a distributed team

JOB DESCRIPTION: As a Mid-Market CSM, you'll own the full customer lifecycle for a book of customers (from onboarding to renewal). This means working with HR and Learning and Development teams at top tech companies to help them build better workplaces at their orgs.

JOB RELATIONSHIP TO YOU: I'm the hiring manager (Christina) - I joined Ethena in February, and our CS team is quickly growing!

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN US: We have a fantastic, mission-driven product (harassment prevention and other compliance trainings that actually work, instead of just checking the box), and there is a ton of opportunity in this role both to work with some great customers and to be a key player in building our CS practice.

ABOUT OUR COMPANY: Ethena provides inclusive harassment prevention and other compliance trainings that promotes culture over compliance. We work with companies like Netflix, Zoom, and Zendesk in their efforts to create amazing environments for their teams.

JOB LINK: Ethena - Mid-Market Customer Success Manager


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