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JOB TITLE: Head of Sales and Customer Success 

LOCATION: California or Montreal (Nectar HQ) or Remote

JOB DESCRIPTION: Your role will be to consolidate Nectar's prospective and existing customer relationships. You will own Nectar's growth processes while supporting your team in reaching its objectives.  

JOB RELATIONSHIP TO YOU: I am the Director of Operations at Nectar Technologies. I currently lead the Commercial Operations team, which is built to fulfill any field related work (we work in the honey bee industry). As our product/market fit has recently solidified, this team has made a natural progression into a focus on sales and service. While I transition to a new role, this position will bring a more specialized client services focus to this team. I will step out of day-to-day client facing activities and rely on the Head of Sales and Customer Success to keep me well informed while they lead the team. I will be their direct manager.

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN US: With a third of the world's crops depending on bee pollination and around 40% of American beehives dying each year, we're working to be part of the solution, and we want YOU to be part of it! At Nectar, the technology we built to track hives empowers us to make the bees healthier, and create a more secure food chain.

ABOUT OUR COMPANY: Nectar Technologies is a precision beekeeping technology startup that is working to support commercial beekeepers in raising healthier honey bees in order to protect the world's pollinated food supply chain. We are a group of mission focused individuals who genuinely care about the problem we are working to solve. You can learn more about working at Nectar here.

JOB LINK: https://www.nectar.buzz/careers/head-of-sales-and-success

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