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John McGowan
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Good Evening everyone.

I was wondering if there were any CSM in the PA (Lehigh Valley / Philly), NJ, or NY (New York City metro) areas that'd be willing to meeting for coffee to gain more insight on getting my foot in the door into the CSM industry.

Thank you.


  • Jordan Silverman
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    Hey @John McGowan I am based in FL but happy to set up a Zoom. 

    DM me here or LinkedIn and we can connect.
  • Ben Bauer
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    Morning John,

    I am not in CS but have the same aim as you. I connected with @Jay Nathan who recommended I look at companies in the industry I am already in. For me, that's Insurance. Since focusing on SaaS companies that provide solutions for Insurance or Commercial vehicles, I've had quite a bit of traction.

    I'll note that two of the companies who reached out to me referenced my Cover Letter. One company called it out as the reason I received an interview over my peers. I'm not so sure that all companies still read these, but if they do, it's a great place sell your story as to why you want to break into CS.  

    Best of luck,