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JOB TITLE: Customer Success Manager 


JOB DESCRIPTION: As a Customer Success Manager, you will lead customer success initiatives, keep the company focused on customer outcomes and play a central role in directing the future of the product.

JOB RELATIONSHIP TO YOU: Hey everyone, I'm Mark Stagi the VP of Customer Success at Avoma. We are getting CS built out and this position would be reporting directly to me. We have 2 other CSMs currently and are getting the org setup to scale. 

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN US: Avoma is gearing up to scale quickly and is very focused on the customer experience as we continue to build the product out.  We're focused on building relationships with our growing customers and driving value. We are also looking for CSM's looking to make an impact not only to customers but also our internal process and procedures as we build out the organization.  

ABOUT OUR COMPANY: Avoma's vision is to provide the most comprehensive AI Meeting Assistant with frictionless collaboration, and actionable intelligence - to automate low-value tasks, and augment high-value tasks for knowledge professionals.You can learn more about us here: About Avoma

JOB LINK: Customer Success Manager - Avoma, Inc.


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