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JOB TITLE: Product Education (1st hire)

LOCATION: Remote (EU or US timezone)

JOB DESCRIPTION: As our team scales, we want to create an incredible learning hub packed with insights to help, inspire, and educate our customers into leveraging our product in a multitude of different ways, to drive user engagement and product adoption. This role will be pivotal to Chameleon's success and will have great responsibility in helping us create and own our category.

JOB RELATIONSHIP TO YOU: This person will be working closely with me (CS Lead) in the CS team to make sure we're aligning our product content strategy with our customer's needs and help inspire, excite, and inform our customers around all that is possible with our product.

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN US: We are helping thousands of Product Managers, Customer Success and Experience Leaders, and others, find product and customer success by enabling them to build dynamic in-product experiences without code. We're a welcoming, fast-growing team with great culture and standards that cares for building a great loveable product and delivering excellent customer success.

ABOUT OUR COMPANY: Pulkit and Brian (our co-founders) started Chameleon after being frustrated with poor user onboarding. Recognizing how important it is for new users to quickly reach "aha" moments, Chameleon is built to enable this for our customers. Companies like Highspot, Mixpanel, and Moz use Chameleon to offer personalized and contextual in-product user experiences, such as targeted slideouts, tooltips, banners, checklists, microsurveys, etc.


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    Hi everyone,

    Happy to announce we have filled this position!

    We'll be hiring again soon, so do not hesitate to connect with me if you're looking :)

    Thank you all.
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