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JOB TITLE: Customer Success Lead


JOB DESCRIPTION: As the CS lead, you will take the helm of all Customer Success activities at Navattic. We're at an exciting point where a lot is working but the opportunity is immense and there's much more to build & shape. In this role, you'll determine how we help and enable customers ranging from small startups to public companies.

JOB RELATIONSHIP TO YOU: I am the Head of Growth at Navattic, so I would work very closely with this role on shaping the user experience and figuring out how to improve customer satisfaction and product usage. This role would work directly with our current CS specialist, who will be transitioning into more of an onboarding specialistic role. 

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN US: We've grown from 9 to 130+ customers last year and are looking for someone to help lead the CS team that's excited to move fast and support rapid growth.

ABOUT OUR COMPANY: At Navattic, we're on a mission to enable all teams to achieve product-led growth. In the consumer world, it's the expectation that you can try out services and software before buying. This is not the case in the B2B world and we're on a mission to enable all teams to create "try before you buy" experiences, like our interactive Navattic demo.


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