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JOB TITLE: Customer Success Manager 

LOCATION: Tel Aviv, Israel 

JOB DESCRIPTION: A customer success manager that will be responsible for building strong customer relationships with executives, growing our business and identifying cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and supporting onboarding of new customers with consultations and best practices. 

# 3-5 years Experience in Customer Success
# Fluent English
# B2B & SaaS Experience

JOB RELATIONSHIP TO YOU: Filtering CV's for the Head Of CS and providing him with the best applicants for the job  

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN US: Webz.io and our CSM team is growing quickly. We're focused on driving outcomes and relationships with our customers. How do we do that? Through thought engagement programs that use community, marketing, events and more. 

ABOUT OUR COMPANY: Webz.io is the leading provider of machine-defined web data. It transforms the vast pool of web data from across the open and dark web into structured web data feeds, ready for machines to consume. Using Webz.io's data, enterprises, developers, and analysts can now unlock the raw potential of web data.

JOB LINK: You can contact me directly on LinkedIn @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/baruch-katz-51b8a8209/

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