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JOB TITLE: Customer Success Manager 


JOB DESCRIPTION: The Helio team at CircleUp is seeking an experienced Customer Success Manager to join our newly-formed Customer Success team. As a CSM, you will lead a portfolio of clients in engaging conversations and thought-leadership to ensure your clients are getting maximum value out of Helio's data-driven insights for CPG investors and brand operators.  We are expecting sales growth of 8x this year and need someone that is prepared to roll up their sleeves and get work done in a fast-paced environment.  Creating an inclusive, collaborative, and rewarding team environment is important to us.  For more information and a detailed list of responsibilities, please view the job posting through the link below.

JOB RELATIONSHIP TO YOU: I (Kristal) am the Head of Customer Success at CircleUp on our Helio SaaS product, so this position would be one of my team members. In fact, my first teammate! We report directly into the Chief Revenue Officer. We just launched our new Helio product and are shifting from a VC and credit-focused org to a tech org, and are (hoping) to grow like crazy, which is very exciting.

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN US: We are trying to change our own company, along with the goal of helping 10,000 entrepreneurs. Our data monitors and tracks the growth of small CPG companies for investors to use to find those companies they want to invest in, buy, or even just support. We've been able to change the lives of so many individual people, which makes our mission valuable. More information on the type of person we're looking for in the job posting.

ABOUT OUR COMPANY: CircleUp has been around for ~10 years, as a VC fund investing in small CPG companies (ever heard of HaloTop or LiquidIV? Those were brands we found and invested in). We also have a credit division that gives business loans to small CPG companies as well. In 2020, we wondered if we could sell our data to other investors to A) help our company grow faster, and B) help even more entrepreneurs grow their businesses. We learned quickly there is a market for this, and Helio was born. We're now building out our Helio team to drive this business. You can learn more about us here: www.circleup.com

JOB LINK: https://jobs.lever.co/circleup/dafe6705-1b0a-4eaf-885a-1aa808b06c81?lever-origin=applied&lever-source%5B%5D=CS%20Job%20Board

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