Let's Reset Your Password

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Whether you are struggling to remember your login password or just maintaining a secure environment, resetting your password is an easy process.

Change Your Password (know current one)

I.                    Navigate to your profile by clicking on the circular icon on the top right 

a.      Select ‘Edit Profile’ in dropdown window

b.      Click Change My Password in right-hand task bar

c.      Fill out fields

1) Enter Old (current) Password

2) Add New Password

3) Confirm Password

4) Click Save Password

Reset Your Password (do not remember)

I.  Go to Gain Grow Retain page and click Sign In

a. Click Forgot link next to Password field

b. Fill in your email and click Request a new password

c. An email will be sent to this password

1) Didn’t get the email?

i. Check Spam or Junk folder

ii. Whitelist the email address [email protected]