Hybrid Marketing & CX Role?

Ian Remington
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Hi All - We're a smaller team (currently 3 CSMs, myself included). As things stand today, our CSMs are directly assigned to accounts in a pretty dedicated and traditional fashion (~75+ accounts per CSM). We focus mostly on SMBs giving us a high number of customers making it not scalable to have a dedicated CSM for all accounts (today ~15% of our customer has one).

As we grow, I'm looking bring on a hybrid CSM to help cover the rest of the 85% from a more revenue minded stand point. Ideally, this person would cover the more hand raisers that submit cross sell/upsell requests into our support queue. Additionally, I would imagine them hosting webinars, sending content, leveraging surveys to learn more about their outreach. Does anyone have insight into similar role they've hired here in the past. This very much seems to blend both marketing and CX and looking for those who may have had success here and what type of person you were looking for.