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I am in a new role of Customer Success Coordinator to provide support and strategy to the team. What kind of help in your CS roles would you like more support in? Things I can do to get trust from the team as we move in this new direction. Thank you



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    Here are a few that come to mind:

    • Data - I need access to data to have meaningful conversations with my customers
    • Playbooks - give me the guard-rails to know what we should be doing with each customer at a given time
    • Situation training - help me role play in certain scenarios and give me some guides on how I can direct the conversation

    Biggest thing is to go ask your CSMs directly. Schedule 1v1s and see where they have needs.

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    @Khooker What specific activities, outcomes, goals, and metrics are you supposed to help the CSM team achieve? Understanding your role and team a bit better will help us support your question here.

    There's loads of ways to support a CS team, but best to do so in the ways which enable and achieve the reaching of your team's primary objectives.

    Will Buckingham

    Customer Success Operations Manager, Enablement

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    @William Buckingham My role is to help them with generating revenue and ways to give time back to them to focus on customers. This group is established and the company is changing quite a lot of things and the team is adjusting.

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    @Khooker - creating documented processes, ways of working and playbooks (streamlining existing as well) to help standardize everyday "tasks" could be helpful in allowing them time to focus on more strategic priorities with customers. Developing objection handlers for common push back when generating sales leads may be useful too.